Managed Services

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Downtime can cost millions of dollars to your business. Moreover it impacts the good-will that your business has been creating among the customers for the past years. This is the reason why you require disaster recovery in place.

Disaster Recovery is the replication of the physical or virtual servers from where it is hosted to an off-site location to provide immediate recovery at near-zero losses in the event of a man-made or natural catastrophe. DevOpSpace help customers have the DR environment designed and setup on cloud, based on their business requirements. Our experts can help you setup the cloud DR environment on AWS or Azure.

There are many types of DR available – backup as a service, cold DR, warm DR & hot DR. Based on your business criticality, any of these types can be choosen. DevOpSpace helps not just in setting up the DR environment, but also monitors and manages the environment continuously. Our team will work along with you to understand and define the criticality and workload dependencies and create a runbook as a part of management.


Dynamics 365

Smiligence delivers solutions for industry-specific needs, all on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 cloud platform


Using the Dynamics 365 ecosystem as a strategic platform, you can trust our experts to spot opportunities to configure and integrate complementary solutions that deliver immediate and future value to your organization.We also offer predictable managed services offerings that help our clients manage and optimize their Dynamics 365 solutions.

  • Create focused marketing lists to target the right prospects and clients
  • Help you gain a 360-degree view of your clients, relationships,pursuits, experience, and growth initiatives
  • Build and share marketing content and social media posts
  • Optimize the use of employee and subcontractor resources through graphical drag-and-drop resource scheduling and utilization management tools
  • Automate key accounting processes across your AR, AP, banking, asset management, and subcontracting processes to drive efficiency levels

Cloud DevOps & Microservices

DevOps helps in releasing high quality applications in significantly less time by automating the developing, testing, and deployment processes. DevOpSpace is efficient in the DevOps, Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery and Deployment areas in the cloud environment.

The micro-services architecture is a design approach to build a single application broken down into a set of smaller services. Such services are independent in nature which means it runs in its own process and communicates with other services through a well-defined interface like an HTTP-based API.

Our team will help you in configuring fully automated deployments using Continuous Integration (CI) and Configuration Deployment tools to control entire application lifecycle. Our team also is capable of automating infrastructure provisioning and lifecycle using cloud native tools and other platforms.


AWS Managed Services


As your AWS Managed Service Provider, DevOpSpace can help you in architecting, building, optimizing, securing and managing your cloud infrastructure.

Headed by AWS experts, we have a strong team with good experience in architecting, implementing, optimizing, securing and supporting AWS Cloud Solutions. With our deep understanding on AWS services, we can help you in building the right infrastructure on cloud, irrespective of infrastructure migration or building a new environment. We help our customers to have highly available and scalable architecture designs implemented with round the clock monitoring and management.

  • AWS consulting & managed service experts
  • Flexible support experience
  • Best practice recommendations
  • Monthly security audit
  • Cost optimization consulting & recommendations

Azure Managed Services

Azure cloud is equipped with more than 200 services under different verticals. With our Azure expertise, we help customers in managing the cloud environment on their behalf.

  • Azure consulting & managed service experts
  • Flexible support experience
  • Best practice recommendations
  • Monthly security audit
  • Cost optimization consulting & recommendations

Cloud Optimizations & Recommendations

Cloud adoption has become imperative. Organizations across the globe have witnessed the multiple benefits of cloud technology and are planning to spend a huge share of their budget on cloud.

However, there has been an increasing awareness about the wastage of resources and thus cost too, on cloud. While this is on the cost front, relatively lesser knowledge on cloud deployments lessen the strength of your environmental security posture, resulting in the vulnerability increase.


Endpoint Security


New viruses and malware appear daily, making your endpoints (servers, laptops, desktops, smartphones, M365/GSuite) perfect targets for hackers. Organizations lose control of the deployed endpoints through virus/malware, ransomware attacks, spams etc.

An exposed endpoint is a threat not only to your endpoint, but also to the data hosted within the endpoint and the trust worthiness of your customers on your business. DevOpSpace through our partnership with the leading cyber security endpoint protection vendors, offers the agents that can be deployed in your endpoints and thereby protect those devices.


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